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Bungie wants to hear the giant 'Destiny 2' changes you want to see, here are mine

In the midst of some tough times at Bungie and for Destiny 2 this past year, Bungie has now blown the doors open and is now checking off a list of things that players have been asking for, literally for yearsif not an entire decade, from the series.

Horde mode? Done. Bringing back classic exotic quests? Here. Power gains on multiple accounts? Yep. Friends automatically start to play together? Coming. Abolish all old weapons in the game? Check. Hell, do you favor shaders? They got it.

Now, Community leader Cozmo is asking players what else they want, as Bungie has now moved into genius-granting wish mode with executives now seemingly open to listening to both players and the developers relaying those concerns, previously seen many ignored.

So, what should be next on the list? I mean they’ve been doing a lot lately but:

Unlimited Transmog – Time to get rid of the dumbest transmog system in the business, a cap on earned transmog each season and an offer to pay $10 per armor set to transmog the rest. Just no. Stop. This reminds me of when they sold consumable shaders, and forget it. Just make it so that when you find armor you can transfer it. Stop this absurd system just to try to squeeze more money from a stone.

World Drop Armor – I’m tired of getting the world’s drop armor at this point, which maybe it isn’t as common or annoying like blues were, but they might as well be blues considering they aren’t 100% useful to that many players. I understand that players who are still leveling may need it but again, once you hit the cap to make the blues stop dropping, you should make the world armor stop dropping as well. Do not reduce the drops, but replace them with weapons.

Armor/Weapon Encounter Chests – This could be something in dungeons or raids from how The Coil have handled this. Allow players to choose a reward between getting armor from an encounter or getting weapons, which would make farming much less annoying for these activities since they are two completely separate grinds.

Ping System – Another very common request and one that would be about 50 times more useful than just vague feelings when you want other players to do things without a microphone. Emotes should be in a wheel anyway and not take up the whole D-pad.

Return the missing planets – Bungie is doing a good job of taking a number of things out of the vault like those exotic quests, but it’s time to start bringing back the old zones in the game that were previously deleted, preferably with their strikes in tow. If we fix old mistakes, that’s one of them. I don’t know if it’s worth asking for every single campaign mission and raid, but the zones themselves? Yes. Specifically, in general, after The Witness is defeated, it would make sense.

Tribute hall – Maybe not the exact one (but sure why not) but we need a place for weapons testing that doesn’t ping those little floats in the craft chamber. We lost a lot of things on Leviathan but it was very important.

More facial cosmetic options – If you’re going to bother letting players change their faces and gender now, for the love of God, add more options there. Many of these are unchanged from a full decade ago, as almost everything was ported over from Destiny 1. Time for an update on face rearrangement now being a thing (and yes, time for beards too).

New Gambit maps – I will die on this hill. Gambit is still fun. It’s the best condition it’s been in. It’s also a dead skeleton at the bottom of the pool. It needs a few the amount of resources devoted to it and should be allowed to exist as a viable ritual activity instead of one that has become more difficult with actively removed maps over time. It’s not enough to return a deleted map (does that even still happen?).

New raid maps/modes/loot – I’ve talked about this before, but it’s clear Onslaught is a hit, and it will definitely be worth a lot more investment over time. Bungie shouldn’t ignore it long term like they did with Dares just because it’s free. You need good free activities!

Trying to avoid monster stuff like “vault every content” or “build a bunch of sparrow racetracks” but this is what I got. Tell Cozmo you own it.

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